I have been looking forward to training camp in Atlanta since it was announced.  This weekend’s camp is at Crossfit Bound newly opened by Brandon and Jessica Phillips in Kennesaw, GA.  We did the lifting session this evening and I noticed three distinct things: (a) We listened to country music for the entire lifting session and had a ton of PR’s.  (b) Mike Poppa walked in late and immediately all the girls stopped being interested in the lifting.  ( c ) 70% of the lifters at the camp don’t understand the necessity for moving their feet when they lift and yet hit a new PR anyways.  (going to attribute that to the country music)

Remember it is of the upmost importance that you move your feet when you lift.  Simply put, you pull from a different position of power than you squat from.  So make sure your feet move to the greatest position of power.  For more on this read this article.
I am excited to work with some Georgia folks this weekend.
On a different note, the nation was captivated today by the Boston manhunt.  I am relieved to hear that the second suspect was caught today and at the same time I am grieve that the depravity of man guarantees that this will not be the last time something like this happens.  Makes me long for Revelation 21:1-8.