There are many differing opinions on whether or not the back angle should change during the first pull of the the Olympic lifts or whether the back should stay the same.  For me the consistency is everything! If I have a back angle that changes through the first pull there is a high likelihood that my back angle will change differently with each lift especially with differing weights on the bar.  The same is true of most lifters.  This constant change in the first pull will always produce varied results each lift and each lift will always look different.  I am for consistency.  So should you.
Here’s the top 3 reasons why a consistent back angle matters:
1.  It allows for the greatest sustainable amount of leverage over the bar and the greatest use of the hamstrings.
2. It promotes consistency in each lift and allows every lift from 50kg to 150kg to look the same.
3. Decreases the habit of loading the toes early and sending the bar away from you in the second pull.
Don’t believe me… watch these two critiques of great lifters.
Mike Poppa 235# Snatch
Drew Anderson 245# Miss