Everybody has vices they have fought with and struggled with since they can remember.  In 2 Corinthians 12 Paul writes about the thorn in his side.  All of us have those thorns.  Mine is the elbow wobble in the jerk.  Since I can remember I have always struggled with movement in my elbows during the clean and jerk.  I have not competed in a National competition without getting a red light for a little wobble in the elbow.
Recently, we have pinpointed where some of that wobble comes from.  I have never struggled getting the bar to arms length.  Furthermore, after a lot of footwork drills, I have managed to get the bar to arm’s length in good position over my head.  However, I rush the recovery.  I rush my foot movement from the split back to standing.  In rushing my recovery my elbows always wobble.  It pretty much boils down to two weaknesses.
1- A weakness in pressing and overhead strength that is preventing my capability for stability overhead.
2- Discomfort with a bar overhead.  I want to drop it as fast as possible.  I am always impressed by men who jerk a world record and stand there for more time than necessary with the bar overhead.  Not this guy…
Here is a new combo lift that we have developed to help these weaknesses.  Disclaimer: It’s probably not anything new or earth-shattering to any of you.  But it’s good.
Push Press for ME reps at 80-95% of Push Press + Split Jerk + Hold Split for 3-5 seconds and recover slow.
It’s hard but effective.  Give it a shot.

Oh and Go Dawgs!