Each day of the CrossFit Games we will be publishing a new blog covering the days’ activities.  Initially this was to be a recap but that’s boring and anyone who’s reading this probably knows all of the outcomes of the day.  Instead ,we will have some analysis and forecasts from me (J.J. – Chief Nerd at Power and Grace and competitive exercise enthusiast) as well as some intel and insight from inside the Games from Spencer (Chief Chief of Power and Grace).

The Ranch

Photo Credit: CrossFit Inc.

It’s Castro’s World, We’re Just Living In It

Leaving the large crowds, media, and coaches behind (I’m sure Spencer made himself productive), Dave took it back to the origins of the Sport of Fitness and I loved every grainy, interrupted smart phone footage minute.  If you didn’t have two screens up yesterday, you’re doing it wrong! The secrecy. The airplane, The Ranch. Beautiful.  I’ve long contended that Dave Castro is a necessary evil for CrossFit.  No other sport has a puppet master such as Castro and he showed usagain why he must never leave us.  I got goosebumps when we got our first glimpse of  The Ranch on Instagram yesterday.

The True Test of Fitness Recovery 

After a very early morning flight out, a grueling first few events, and a long flight delay to return to L.A., the athlete face another early morning meeting today as for the first time in Games history it will be a 5 day long competition.  After chatting with Spencer last night, he believes that lack of rest and recovery is Dave’s biggest test for the athlete’s this year.  He noted that day one has already taken the athletes away from normal recovery tools and meals and has it bookended it with lack of sleep. I think we’re about to see some serious stress levels tested as we enter the weekend.

Is Skipping Events A New Strategy?

We saw Sam Dancer (and Brook Wells to some extent) laugh off the short rest “penalty” of being slow to finish the trail run as they each cleared the deadlift ladder.  Did Dancer dog the run on purpose in order to take a first?

Let’s go one step further.  Spencer noted last night that Jennifer Smith did not participate in the first two events due to a foot injury. She then did very well in the third event and actually isn’t in last place.  As a coach, he said this could be used as a strategy if CrossFit allows it. If you know you’re going finish in the bottom five of Murph, why not enjoy a peaceful afternoon of recovery and smash the barbells to come later?

Bold Opinions!


Photo Credit: CrossFit Inc.

“Mat Fraser will not win the Games”. – Spencer

He thinks that history will repeat itself and Fraser will find a way to lose it … again.

“Camille is clearly second tier”. – J.J.

Maybe head to Iceland and drink their water?

“Sam Briggs will not win Murph”. – Spencer

He believes the new format will not play as well to her strengths but she will finish top five. He picks Tia.

sam briggs

Photo Credit: CrossFit Inc.

“The sport is better now that Rich Froning is ‘retired'”. – J.J. 

It’s great that our sport has its Jordan so early into its’ life, but having the top podium spot secured before they walk into the tennis stadium on Sunday Night is boring! #FinalEventsMatter

“The male’s division will come down to a Sunday dog fight with up to five guys still in it”. – Spencer

We can only hope. #FinalEventsPleaseMatter

Power and Grace Athlete Update

Kristi Eramo had a phenomenal first day at the CrossFit Games. After finishing 3rd in the trail run, she pulled a 25lb PR deadlift.  Look for a good day in the water as well as a solid Murph.

Logan Collins met a day of events that didn’t quite go as expected but there are still plenty of events with his strengths left to go.