Each day of the CrossFit Games we will be publishing a new blog covering the days’ activities.  We will have some analysis and forecasts from me (J.J. – Chief Nerd at Power and Grace and competitive exercise enthusiast) as well as some intel and insight from inside the Games from Spencer (Chief Chief of Power and Grace).

Making The Rules Up As We Go?

If you read yesterday’s post (if you didn’t, what are you doing with your life? Just kidding, read it here) you’ll remember that we discussed skipping events as a possible new strategy after Jen Smith missed the first two events with a foot injury then finished well in the third.  As if they read our post, Spencer said that last night coaches were called into a special meeting during which this very issue was discussed.  They were told that all athletes must complete minimum work requirements of each workout or be disqualified from the Games. Sandlot

Remember when you a kid on the playground and you and your friends started a brand new game that only your group really understood.  Each time you played issues would come up and new rules would have to be made.  Insert the infancy of the Sport of Fitness.  Every league has rules meeting before each new season. Before each new season.  They let this one slip between their legs and tried to close the door before it got out into the neighborhood.

Author’s Note: As this is being written,  Jen Smith did walk her Murph.

Oh Yeah, There Was A Day 2 Event

After all that was made of the Games being a 5 day event for the first time in it’s young history, we got about 10 minutes of action early in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the event.  The Ocean Swim was a great test of fitness and strategy, but that was probably less work output that most of the athletes would have put in on the usual rest day during the Games.  Nonetheless, it still got them up and out of bed after a late night of flight delays.

No Seriously, There Was A Day 2 Event CrossFit Funny

If you missed it, I’m sure you’re with a lot of other people who are scratching their heads.  Like the Ranch events the event was not broadcast over YouTube or ESPN, but on Facebook Live.  Watching the action at the birthplace of the Games over grainy and chaotic means was kind of nostalgic.  Watching a swim from 500m away on from a cell phone was awful.

There were camera’s at both events so they plan to show the broadcast version at some point but not showing it live is dropping the ball (don’t worry, Dez caught it).  Every fan of competitive exercise was either streaming on Facebook Live or checked the leaderboards immediately after.  The element of suspense is gone. I’m sure there’s some contract or ratings deal behind it but I don’t care.  Do better CrossFit Inc.

Bold Opinions

“Once we hit the tennis stadium, 90% of the no-name’s will fall away” – J.J.

In the tennis stadium CrossFit happens.  We have tons of data on who is the best at weight ladders and 21-15-9 from the Open to Regionals and those are the big names for a reason.

Everything I predicted yesterday will still happen” – Spencer 

See Day 1.

Author’s Note: Sam Briggs did not win Murph.  Neither did Tia. 

“Fraser will win it walking away… Froning Style” – Chris

I hate it when we fight internally.  Just kidding.  Finish Him!

“This Games Is Already Better Than Last Year” – J.J.

Last year felt a little routine. besides the broadcasting, it’s been solid all around including some very fun programming.  I might bite my tongue if the final event is [insert something worse to watch as a final event than people falling off a pegboard].

“The Next Three Days Won’t Be As Bad As Dave Says It’s Going To Be” – SpencerSpencer and Athletes

He believes Dave’s words at the athletes’ dinner was a bluff.  Thus far, the athletes are handling everything very well.

Power and Grace Athlete Update

Kristi Eramo has another phenomenal finish with a second place time on the beach.

Logan Collins is still looking forward to events in his wheelhouse to come over the weekend