Each day of the CrossFit Games we will be publishing a new blog covering the days’ activities.  We will have some analysis and forecasts from me (J.J. – Chief Nerd at Power and Grace and competitive exercise enthusiast) as well as some intel and insight from inside the Games from Spencer (Chief Chief of Power and Grace).

Please Note: This is only a review of Day Five. More complete coverage will follow this week. 

Ok, Dave Didn’t Learn

In yesterday’s post, I praised Castro for his adjustments form last year Games to this year.  As Sunday’s individual games began my enthusiasm grew even stronger.  As a fan, Sunday’s field events were absolutely amazing to watch.  They were easy to follow, full of drama, and showcased our two champions in true form.   Then came time for the athlete’s and face to decend upon the tennis stadium for the final time this year and … snooze.  The fact that more than a handful of athletes could do the pegboard didn’t help the entertainment factor.  If Saturday Night and Sunday Night had been switched we’d be in business.

You Must Introduce New Movements. New Movements Are A Problem


We can add Saturday’s events in with this one.  To be the CrossFit Games, new challenges and movements must be added each year.  The double edge sword is that because they are new to the sport, the standards, rules and even movement patterns of athletes are less consistent on these new movements.  The ring HSPU was flat out rough.  Spencer noted that this is one occasion in which those who had the best movement were penalized.   In other words those doing a regular push-up while on rings where more efficient with the standards given than those actually doing ring HSPU.

Katrin’s Achievement Is Being Overshadowed Katrin

What Mat Fraser did was flat out impressive! However, I feel that everyone may be overlooking the new queen on Iceland.  The women’s field is just flat our more competitive right now and she rose to the top in true “Froning on a Sunday” fashion.   Katrin had a rock solid Games and seems to only be getting better.  She was also only the third athlete to perform a repeat as champion. Also, kudos to Ben Bergeron.  It was easy to see that Davidsdottir had a game plan every time she took the competition arena and it fit her like a glove.

Bold Opinions

“Rich Froning is SO the G.O.A.T” – J.J. 

Four individual titles. Two team titles. Most individual event wins. Most team event wins.

“There was no true test of overhead strength” – Joe

No snatches. Nothing heavy overhead at all.  Come on Dave.  Also are we counting those as the muscle up for this year?

“The days where it was common for the same athletes to finish top 10 year after year are over except for the truly elite” – Chris

The tiers of athletes are definitely becoming more defined. At least on the ladies side anyways.

“The same exact women’s podium and 4th place is a true testament to their all around fitness” – Spencer

With all the variables that go into the CrossFit Games, this is almost unbelievable.

Spencer will be giving a full recap of the Games for Power and Grace Athletes