Each day of the CrossFit Games we will be publishing a new blog covering the days’ activities.  We will have some analysis and forecasts from me (J.J. â€“ Chief Nerd at Power and Grace and competitive exercise enthusiast) as well as some intel and insight from inside the Games from Spencer (Chief Chief of Power and Grace).

Saturday & Sunday Funday?


The fourth day of the Games we got see some challenging movements and a hay bale from hell and today we get even more. Why do we love to see stuff like odd objects and advanced “CrossFit” gymnastics?  It’s the same reason we get excited to seem them in our own programming.  It’s different!  We all know they can do thrusters and pull-ups but to take on these challenges it take athleticism and brains.  A 500lb sand cylinder? Ring HSPU? Bring it.

Dave Castro Admits He WrongScreen Shot 2016-07-24 at 1.36.22 PM

No he didn’t.  However, he did make the correct adjustments from last year.  We see Murph moved earlier in the day which turned out to be much cooler and the reps split up to be more athlete friendly.  We also got the news about Ring HSPU early enough to have the athlete at least attempt them at their home gym instead of just dropping it on them in the tennis stadium.  I may bite my tongue on this as he still has tonight to pull out something.  Hopefully, it’s not yet another hair style.

The Race Behind The Race

Right now the podiums are lining up. The guys’ race is over. The girls are going to have a great finish.  Talking with Spencer yesterday, he noted that there is a competition going on behind the scenes.  That would be for the CrossFit Invitational spots.  The super team, co-ed competition has gained a ton of popularity over the years and is my favorite single day of competition to watch.  CrossFit uses the Games finishes to pick the top 2 males and 2 females from each region, so keep an eye on that as Sunday’s competition comes to an end.

Bold Opinions

“This is the best programming the Games has ever had” – Spencer

I completely agree with him here.  This has been a good balance of testing fitness and entertainment value.

“2016 is the year of the run” – Joe

This has to be the most running in a CrossFit Games. I think this will be the trend will continue into next year.

“Castro is making good on his promise that CrossFit Games will not become a weightlifting competition” – J.J. 

Last year at regionals Castro cast that statement out amongst a crowd of his loyal subjects and has been proving it ever since.

The heavy handle/heavy rope on the Sunday chipper is going to be debilitating for girls and guys who have not ever used one.” 


With Dave releasing two new elements to CrossFit competition in the ski erg as well as the heavy handle/heavy jump rope, we’re going to see some people struggle to adapt to new movements and new standards. Furthermore, the grip intensive element in the Sunday chipper combining ski erg, heavy ropes, and pulling a sled hand-over-hand is going to come back to bite some folks on the pegboard. Also, Spencer says don’t be fooled, Dave has a love for the theatrics. We still don’t know the final event of the 2016 CrossFit Games.

“Mat Fraser will win” – Spencer 

See Day 1.

Power and Grace Athlete Update

Kristi Eramo continues to impress as she has stood solidly in the top ten all week.  She took a 4th place finish in the climbing snail, proving her well roundedness and ability to adapt to the vastly different demands of the CrossFit Games as opposed to the other levels of CrossFit competition.

Logan Collins also had a great performance on the snail finishing 12th overall in the odd object event and 11th overall on the handstand walking event.