Each day of the CrossFit Games we will be publishing a new blog covering the days’ activities.  We will have some analysis and forecasts from me (J.J. – Chief Nerd at Power and Grace and competitive exercise enthusiast) as well as some intel and insight from inside the Games from Spencer (Chief Chief of Power and Grace).

The Games Are At The Halfway Point… Or Are They?Fraser1

For the men’s division of the competition, there’s that lurking feeling that the Games are already over.
Even worse, it seems that two of our Bold Opinions from Day 1 may have missed that mark.  Spencer’s call on Fraser not winning seems to be getting more far fetched every minute that passes in Carson.  I said that the Games are better without Froning locking up the Games after Saturday each year.  Perhaps the legend himself would be the only one who could have made this weekend interesting on the guys side.

In the women’s it feels like we are just getting started as the top 10 ladies are closer in points than Fraser and Ben Smith who sits in second.  With so much of Dave Castro’s plan left to unfold, the women might as well all be at 0.  For them, nothing else matters except Saturday and Sunday.

Girls > Boys

On that same note, the women’s show continues to out shine the men’s as it has for years.  The only bright spots the men have had in that past is 1) Rich Froning is awesome 2) Who’s going to win without Rich Froning there.  Mat Fraser does no pull the same awe as Froning.  He doesn’t yet anyway.  The women have more “big names” and they have all come to the Golden State to stand on a podium.  This may be the most exciting and close competition we have seen in the 10 years of the Games, and it’s all due to girl power.

Time For Some Gymnastics 

After speaking with Spencer, we both agree we’re about to see some “CrossFit Gymnastics”.  Rings, bars, ropes, and upside down stuff will begin to bring some equality to the competition especially for those who struggle under heavy weight.  I’m also excited to see some odd object work.

Bold Opinions 

“There’s a slight possibility I was wrong about Fraser” – Spencer

He does look terrifying right now.  If he were to lose it, maybe he can just join the Golden State Warriors for next season.

“I think Fraser this year would beat the past Froning” – Joe

Rich Froning, Central East

Rich Froning, Central East

That is blasphemy! You take that back! Ok, he does seem to be more well rounded.

“If you’re not in the top 12 at the moment, you’re competition is against a different caliber of athlete” – Spencer

The top tier has begun to appear in both genders.  He thinks it has a lot to do with quality of movement and lack of mistakes.

“There will be a rash of retirements after this year”  – Joe

The time and commitment required to really compete at the top has reached an insane level.  We may be watching the passing of the torch live this weekend.

“Rich Froning wins in Carson” – JJ

Ok that’s not bold at all but Rich and Mayhem are doing what they do.  I’ll do better tomorrow.

Power and Grace Athlete Update

Kristi Eramo continues to impress as she still in the top 10 amongst the biggest names in the sports.  She had a great Murph as expected, then surpassed, even us, with her abilities on the the clean ladder.  We expected the barbell to be tough on her so walking into Saturday in 7th is phenomenal. 

Logan Collins is still fighting off the larger athletes in the field.  Look for him to make a move today with more gymnastics due up.  Anything on the bars, rings, or upside should fit right in his wheelhouse.