Our Athletes

At Power and Grace Performance, our team of athletes represent our mission and vision. All of who we are is driven from our athletes.

The team contains National, World, and Olympic level weightlifters alongside world class fitness competitors. Also, we are made up of really great humans who love each other as much or more than we love our sport. It is a diverse group of individuals that live and train all over the country.   Severals of the athletes act as coaches at Power and Grace as well.

We regularly train together with training camps and getaways which all act to strengthen our team’s already close bond.

In holding true to our name, athletes on our team are training to be have Power and Grace.  Power and Strength are cornerstones in our programming as they are truly necessary for an elite athlete whether that be in functional fitness, Olympic weightlifting, or a different sport entirely.

Our athletes are also trained in Grace, moving with skill and precision.  This means athletes learn efficiency so that once power is developed, each movement is as productive as possible.

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