Over the weekend I put together some tools to be used in our high school weight room at King’s Ridge and a couple of you mentioned wanting instructions. Honestly they were the easiest things I’ve ever put together and if you could carve out two solid hours, you could knock out all of these things in that amount of time. It really only takes a saw of some sort, a drill, 2 1/2in wood screws and a metal piercing drill bit. Here’s the instructions if you’re interested in building them for your own:

Chalk Stand:
Required material:
2- 2×4 cut to 30inches each
4- 2×4 cut to 12inches each
1- 5 quart metal mixing bowl
2- 1×1/4 in lag bolts and matching washer (I think)
2 1/2in Wood Screws

Step 1:
Screw the 2 30in 2×4’s together to make what essentially is a 30in 4×4. This will be the long, stem part of the stand.
Step 2:
Screw each of the 12in 2×4’s to one side of the stem to form the base of support.


Step 3:
Pre-drill 2 thin holes in the top of the stem where the lag bolts will eventually attach the bowl to the stem.

Step 4:
Using the metal piercing drill bit, drill two holes in the mixing bowl that correspond with the pre-drilled holes in the stem.

Step 5:
Using the lag bolts and washers, attach the mixing bowl to the top of the stem.


Optional Step 6:
Screw two hooks to the side of the stem if desired to hang your belt or straps from.


Pulling Blocks: (These blocks are the taller of the pair)
Required Materials:
40- 2×4 cut to 18inches (5-12ft 2×4 total)
2- 18’x 18′ square piece of 3/4in plywood (this was pine but any hardwood will do)
4- 12in pieces of scrap wood to be used as bumpers (optional)
2 1/2in Wood Screws

Step 1:
Using the 18in 2×4’s screw 5 levels of 3×3 pieces of together leaving a gap between each. (see picture below).


Step 2:
For the top layer screw 5-18in 2×4’s across the top. (see picture below)

Step 3:
Screw the 18in x 18in square piece of plywood over the top of the 5- 2×4’s.



Step 4: (Optional)
If you’d like pre-dill a hole through the 12in pieces of scrap wood and into the blocks then follow it with a 2 1/2in wood screw to secure it as a bumper.


As I said earlier these projects were super simple and will be extremely useful for a long time. Have fun. Good luck.