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Constantly varied. Functional movement. High-intensity. Programming for the general population of a gym with these three elements seems simple in theory. Mix it up, use common exercises, and do it really really fast. Unfortunately, many CrossFit affiliates buy into this thought. Smart coaches and owners realize a good gym program is far from simple.

Your health and fitness is not a trivial matter. Clients come to the gym with the goal of increasing their life expectancy, decreasing their injury and sickness probability, and to reach their body composition goals. With those goals in mind, your workouts cannot be created at random or without purpose.

At Power and Grace we work with affiliates to make sure that within a week, your body is both challenged and protected in a healthy manner. Measuring results and specifically targeting certain test within a specific time allows us to creates a focal point for your workouts. Furthermore, weekly your training is designed to cover basic human functional movement. Each day’s work is designed to compliment the work done previously that week and previously that month in an effort to increase a client’s overall fitness.

One of the elements you will see a great amount of emphasis on is strength gain. When you hear strength gain, you should not hear bulky, massive, body-builder style muscle development. It’s a fallacy that creating strength implies the addition of obscene muscle to your skeletal structure. Strength is a core requirement for bone density development, protection of joints, ligaments, and tendons, as well as many other development necessities. Basically, getting stronger makes you a more functional human, extends your life expectancy and expands your qualify of life. This emphasis is for that end and is designed not only to help you meet your body composition goals but also allows for measurable improvement.

Our goal in the design of your fitness program is to make you a more functional, strong, conditioned mom, dad, employee, or athlete. The 3 necessary requirements to that end are:

  • A well-balanced program that takes proper caution for proper loading and yet is still daily a challenge
  • A specific emphasis on basic human, anatomical movement such as pushing, pulling, carrying, squatting, picking up heavy things to name a few.
  • Programming in order to create a healthy, taxing, interactive, and fun environment for your gain many years to come.

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