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J.J.’s Corner: My Pre CrossFit Games Thoughts but Not My Pick’s

You Don’t Really Want My Picks Imagine it’s Spring time.  March Madness is a week away and you’re at work.  A guy in your office...

Friday Devotional | June Series 3 of 4: Sacrificial Use of our Time

In this episode of Friday Devotional, Spencer discusses the sacrificial use of out time. Ephesians 5:15-16, James 4:14

Nutrition Gym Challenges, A Team Approach Part II

From personalized macro breakdowns, recipe ideas, meal planning strategies and constant accountability from Registered Dietitians, gym members who take part in a Power and Grace...

Friday Devotional | June Series 1 of 4: Model for Sacrifice

In this edition of Friday Devotional, Spencer begins a new series for June.  Romans 5:6-8, Philippians 2:5-8

Power and Grace Radio | Episode 10: Logan Collins

In this episode of Power and Grace Radio, J.J. talks with CrossFit Games athlete and 2017 South Regional Champion Logan Collins about his path to...

Weightlifting Wednesday: Common Power Leakages in the Clean

Featuring Tia Wright In this episode of Weightlifting Wednesday, Spencer breaks down a potential issue of power in the clean.

Friday Devotional | Is It Ok To Struggle With The Bible?

In this edition of Friday Devotional, Spencer discusses struggles with reading The Bible. Isaiah 55:8-12