As early as I can remember weightlifting and strength and conditioning have been a part of my lifestyle. I remember attempting to snatch and clean in my basement as a middle schooler with Walmart weights filled with sand. As high school came along and high school athletics began to consume my focus, it became extremely evident that while I loved sports I was far better at training for them than actually competing in them. (This may have had something to do with the fact that I weighed 85 pounds a freshman in high
school) This spurred a love for the principles of fitness in me that would never leave. In college, I continued my training in Olympic weightlifting at a CrossFit gym. At the time, they were the only facilities allowing athletes to utilize bumper weights and drop them from overhead.

My introduction to CrossFit was both perplexing and fascinating. I immediately began trying to apply all IView More:
had learned about strength and conditioning to a completely new model of fitness. Eventually this led to coaching and programming for the athletes of the CrossFit world. Furthermore, I continued competing in Olympic weightlifting and finally after 15 years of trying found myself competing at the National level eventually allowing me the opportunity to coach athletes to the same level as well.

 The definition of fitness, discovery of the basic principles of strength and conditioning, and application of both to athletic training has always been my greatest fascination. Taking what’s old tried and true and applying it to new methods or new ideas or new models for training is what makes coaching so fun.

CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
USAW Sport Performance Coach
USAW Club Coach
USAW Level 2 National Coach

Athletic Achievements
2006 Junior National Championship Qualifier
2007-2010 GA State Games Champion
2008-2011 American Open and Senior National Championship Qualifier
2012 American Open Champion
2013 Silver Medalist Senior National Championships
2014 Bronze Medalist Senior National Championships
2015 Member of Team USA University World Team
2016 Bronze Medalist in the Snatch at the USAW National Championship

Coaching Creds
2012 CF Games Coach for Jason Hoggan
2013 CF Games Coach for Natalie Mclain and Emily Carothers
2014 CF Games Coach for Emily Carothers and Jeff Germond
2016 CF Games Coach for Logan Collins and Kristi Eramo