Weightlifting Wednesday and an Update on the Power and Grace Weightlifting Team

Here at Power and Grace Performance, the weightlifting team is gearing up for the 2016 American Open and is ready throw up some massive lifts. Our Women’s Team will be setting the bar for what a team can do going forward in USA Weightlifting and we can’t wait!

With the addition of the USAW American Open Series, we are also excited about the opportunity the sport has to grow, with more lifters than ever being able to qualify and compete in official USAW events.  As USAW grows we are excited to grow the Power and Grace Weightlifting Team with it.  For this reason, our online team will be focusing primarily on the American Open Series in 2017.  The current online program we just started last week is designed to peak athletes for the first American Open Series event in March.  You can see a glimpse of that program on our IG account.

Whether you want to improve your lifting and strength for the Open, compete in the American Open Series, or just love weightlifting, joining the Power and Grace Online Team is where it’s at. It’s only $30/mo and easy to do on Wodfollow.  Free versions of our daily training can be seen on Wodfollow as well.  We also offer personalized training programming, just like the programs our multiple National Champions follow, ideal for anyone looking for a more specific focus on particular events, or simply wanting to maximize their true potential.  All of our weightlifting programs and options are available here.  

Now Here’s the Weekly Weightlifting Wednesday Video!