Mission Statement: Power and Grace Performance comes alongside athletes of all skill levels to work hand in hand with them in the pursuit of their athletic goals.

Vision Statement: Power and Grace Performance will educate, equip, and encourage athletes to reach the highest levels of success in their chosen athletic career.


Team Values:

  • Unity: To be able to come together as one unit in order to create a safe, diverse and encouraging space for athletes to grow. Our unity is best driven by care for one another and is an expression of cultural humility.
  • Support: Everyone being intentional about others goals. Finding ways to lift each other up emotionally inside of training and outside.
  • Positivity: The attitude we bring to training and the resulting atmosphere should be both encouraging to the individuals and the team as a whole.
  • High Energy: Having an intense motivation to learn and progress. A passion for the sport that motivates both intrinsically and extrinsically. 
  • Trust: Relying on coaches and teams for support and believing in the program and process day to day.


Power And Grace Team Creed:

We are Power & Grace Performance.

We stand for unity, support, high energy, positivity and trust.

We believe it’s important to be your best. To be your best weightlifter and be your best person.

We care about people more than we care about kilos, medals or totals. 

Because we care about people and our communities, we stand with those who have been oppressed, marginalized, persecuted or otherwise experienced injustice for reasons related to gender, race, class or belief system.

We will never foster or tolerate hatred, racism or prejudice under any circumstance.

We hope to stand as a beacon of grace, light and truth to a community and a world riddled with bigotry and privilege.

We are far from perfect but we recognize that our imperfection cannot be used as an excuse for silence, complicity or inaction in the face of rampant oppression.

We vow to always chase excellence in training, competition, and coaching. 

Most importantly we believe in excellence in our care and concern for our teammates, our coaches, our communities, and those in this world. 

May the lasting mark of Power and grace Performance be lives changed for the better above record lifts, medals or podiums.

People over podiums