Ger Sasser and Cass Poff here for a week of regionals prep training and relaxation.
First I want to congratulate everyone who completed the 2014 Open! As a Gym owner/athlete, I understand how stressful these past five weeks have been. The level of training and skill necessary to make regionals is incredible! I spoke to a friend the other day about the time and effort it takes to qualify and between the mobility, recovery work, and the actual training, most will have to put in 4-5 hours a day. Attempting to hit the ever-moving target of skill and conditioning can be extremely frustrating at times. The key is to use the Open as an unbiased report card of crossfit competencies and move on.  My hat goes off to everyone who qualified this year. If you have an opportunity to go and spectate, DO IT! From the venue, to the competition, CrossFit HQ doesn’t disappoint.
For those who were unable to qualify, its time to:
2) Go back to the drawing board. Identify what need to be addressed in regards to our sport and start working to destroy it. Fundamentals are the most valuable asset of your training so make sure you start with perfecting the basics.

skill: 4×10 strict pull-ups while in hollow position- rest 60 sec.
If you can’t do 10, make each set a max effort. If one or two is your goal, have a partner spot your waistline. One hand on your abdominal’s, the other on the low back. It will reinforce the hollow position and still allow you to do the strict movement.
Keep fighting the good fight,
Coach Poppa