madisonAfter weeks of following Dave Castro around the country on Instagram while trying to pick up any clue as to the new location of the Fittest Show on Earth, we now have our new venue.  Madison, Wisconsin will be the site of the Reebok CrossFit Games for the next three years.

At the first, the sound of leaving Southern California for the Midwest did not sound quite so exciting.  However, after a little thought I quickly changed my tune.  I think the capital of Wisconsin may be the perfect fit to host the worlds fittest.

What was just another event in L.A. will now be a college town that is fully invested in making the Games the best event possible.  Envision tailgating, microbreweries, and everyone you run into is likely there for the same reason you are.  For a week it will be “CrossFit University”.

Both spectators and athletes are going to enjoy average August highs of 79 degrees and the lack of L.A. traffic as the venue sits walking distance to downtown.  There is water, open acreage, stadiums, and arenas that will all be at the disposal of Castro’s master plans.  Did I mention tailgating? Ok, moving on.

A sea of red-attired Badger fans walk along Regent Street toward Camp Randall Stadium before the Wisconsin vs. Michigan State University football game at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Sept. 29, 2007. Wisconsin went on to win the game, 37-34. ©UW-Madison University Communications 608/262-0067 Photo by: Jeff Miller Date: 09/07 File#: NIKON D200 digital frame 1821

While, the move from LA loses access to the birthing ground of Crossfit it gains a whole new hub of activity and community for the affiliate community.  Think RV’s, socials, and vendors renting out bars and venues for post-game parties.  Think of walking from watching a mid-day event back to your tailgate to eat and meet other affiliate owners or athletes then walking back to the stadium for the next event.  Think of the inter-mingling of a community that will no longer be spread out across a city in hundreds of hotels, houses, and campsites but instead will be within a short walk of every piece and part of “Crossfit University.” The festival, “Woodstock-esque” feel combined with the draw of the college football fanfare will be a match made in heaven.

I’m sure there will be a little blow back about taking the Games far away from the heralded birth place of CrossFit but I think it was a necessary move.  It was clear the tennis stadium would no animal-houselonger hold the growing fandom and now, for those in the U.S. anyway, the event will be centrally located.

I know everyone here at Power and Grace is excited for the change and we hope to see you in Madison next summer.  Now where’s my old fraternity shirt?