Today is the day.  While technically there were some action yesterday, to me it doesn’t get started until points get put on the board.  Historically we’ve had events held away from Carson on Wednesday but this year it was more of a testing and trail day as athletes explored events and did time trials for the events this morning.  Here are some thoughts going into today.

Yes, It’s All Still CrossFit

Courtesy of The CrossFit Games

Ah, the annual ritual.  Dave Castro announces an event.  It’s something that has never been in Games competition.  Someone takes to social media to proclaim that’s it not CrossFit.  Ridiculous.  Does it test fitness in some capacity? Is it measurable and repeatable?  Son, looks like you’ve got some CrossFit there.

It’s Just One Event 

Often times when we get these shiny new toys, it’s easy to forget they are all just one event.  Cyclocross.  One event.  Max Snatch. One event.  You’ve still got 16 events left. Yes, that’s 18 events.  This is a marathon all about consistency.  No one wins the Games on one event.

Follow Along

Since last year, we’ve start Power and Grace Radio and had a blast.  I’ll be using the all-new Power and Grace Radio Twitter and Facebook Page for live news and commentary all weekend.  Follow us and join in the conversation!  I’ll also have daily blog until the end of the Games with recaps and analysis.