Are. You. Kidding. Me? If you missed out on the final day of action… I’m sorry.  I’m not sure it can be retold by my mortal hands.  Often times in this sport with so many events, the points race gets decided before the last event is held.  Other times, there is still room for a shake-up if x, y, and z happens.  This time it was punch-for-punch until the very end. Well, for the women.

The Race To The Finish

Courtesy CrossFit Inc.

While the three “Dottirs” battled for the final podium spot, the two Aussies, Webb and Toomey, were about as neck-and-neck on Sunday as possible.  Webb’s hundredth of a second victory in the final event was the most exciting moment this sport may have ever seen (including Thorisdottir pulling away with her podium spot). However, by two points, Tia-Clair Toomey overcomes her back-to-back second place finishes and stood atop the podium in Madison.

The Iceland Queen of CrossFit

Seven years ago, Annie Thorisdottir climbed on to the second place marker at the 2010 CrossFit Games between Kristan Clever and Valerie Vobril.  Her male counterparts on the podium adjacent were Graham Holmberg, Rich Froning (the last time he took a silver home before this weekend), and Chris Spealler.  Iceland Annie would win the next two Games and take 2nd in 2014.  This weekend the fan favorite known for her smile returned to the podium for a fifth time in eight Games, finishing ahead of every other female champion in that time span.  That longevity and drive cannot be overlooked in a sport that has changed so much.

No End In Sight

Mat Fraser continues to dominate the sport on the men’s side and it’s not even close.  Though I contend it’s bad for the sport from an fan standpoint not to have rivalry and drama, there’s noting CrossFit can do about it.  Fraser will win as many as he wants to until an outsider arrives on the scene or he leaves the sports.

Touch & Go

  • Stacie Tovar leaving her shoes on the competition floor as a sign of retirement. Awesome moment.
  • Sam Briggs added to her event win total with another dominate running event win on Sunday.  11 W’s.  Legend.
  • He really didn’t like second place though.

We will have a full wrap up of Power and Grace Athletes at the Games in an upcoming blog as well as this week’s Power and Grace Radio Podcast.