Moving Day is in the books! Saturday was weight day in Madison with a strongman event, some heavy cleans, and a whole bunch of thrusters.  Oh, and there’s also something happening that hasn’t happened in a very long time.

White Jersey Changes

Courtesy CrossFit Games

The women got the message about moving day as at the top of the leaderboard shuffled around after each event.  However, as the day drew closer to an end, Tia-Clair Toomey remaining consistent and Kara Webb taking advantage of her strengths left the Australians on top.  It’s also great to see an American Woman (This is an opinion piece, I can be a homer!) as Tennil Reed-Beuerlein is having a great CrossFit Games.

Mat Fraser is Good at CrossFit.

Yep.  He’s got the expected unsurmountable lead.  However, the other two podium spots are still up for grabs.  Only 44 points separate second through fourth going into the final day with an expected three events left.  Quick shout out to Jason Smith.  It’s always good to see a fresh name fly under the radar and make top ten noise.  Keep an eye on this South African in the future.

Touch & Go

  • Rich Froning (his team anyway) is losing and I don’t think he’s going to mount the Sunday comeback he was famous for in his individual career. I think the last time he wasn’t on top of a podium at the end of the Games Noah Ohlsen was in diapers.  Give Wasatch CrossFit a look today as they are putting on a show.
  • Power and Grace Athletes remained consistent on Saturday.  Kristi Eramo impressed on the clean ladder given her light bodyweight.  Logan Collins also gained recognition on the same event, cleaning over double body weight.
  • Last Minute Addition.  Tia-Clair Toomey just looked very solid again though the hay bale clean burpee event this Sunday Morning.  So impressive.