You Don’t Really Want My Picks

Imagine it’s Spring time.  March Madness is a week away and you’re at work.  A guy in your office stops by your desk and he’s got … oh no … is that a filled out bracket in his hands?  Now imagine it’s Fall. Football season is upon us.  You get into an elevator.  The person next to you is looking at their phone like most humans.  Then suddenly they direct the screen your direction.  Is that their fantasy football lineup? The Horror.

I love that Reebok has jumped on the idea of a pick ’em with CrossFit.  I play my share of fantasy sports games because it always makes the event more interesting for me. However, the same remains true, you generally don’t want to hear about everyone else’s picks.  I just hope that soon they’ll grow the software (or someone will steal the idea) to make it where you can set up leagues (hello gym trophy).

I will lend out out some thoughts a day out form the big competition.

The Men’s Competition is the NBA

I’m an NBA fan (#MFFL) but that league has an issue.  Before the first tip-off, everyone know who’s going to be at the top or at least the top three and it’s not close.  Surprise! It’s the team with the most superstars and the team with Lebron. To make it worse, it doesn’t even appear to be a two-horse race anymore.

The Men’s side of the CrossFit Games has become that.  We had a Jordan-like era with Froning that was fun but now it appears Fraser is on the same path of dominance (I didn’t forget about you Ben Smith.  We all appreciate it!). The problem is that parody is more entertaining, especially in an individual athlete sport.  We want rivalries and drama.  Not “how many points can they win by”.

Once Again the Women Will Outshine the Men

Even though we’ve had the same podium (actually top 4 in order) two years in a row, the women just seem to have more depth.  It probably took me twice as much time to pick them and even then I was astounded at the names I left off the top ten.

The mixture of veterans and youth is really well done and it should make for a great competition.  I expect the same names to be around the top, but I think we see a shake-up in the order.  If Katrin wins again, her feat cannot be understated.

Other Notes

  • Power and Grace Performance has two athletes competing this weekend with Kristi Eramo looking follow up her astounding top ten finish as a rookie and Logan Collins carrying to momentum of a regional title in the South.
  • I’m really looking forward to watching some of the 35-39 division.  It will be great to see some of those names out there on the competition floor.
  • Though I think the actual competition level of teams has risen, especially at the regional level, it’s just not as attention drawing once it’s Games time.  Nonetheless, look for Rich to add to his ridiculous medal count.