Movement Monday is back… on a Monday!! Whoop!

Anyways, this one is all about a progression that we have found to be really helpful when people are working towards the butterfly pullup and it’s variations. There are few things in CrossFit that make my skin crawl than a person who performs the flopping fish on the bar as they attempt a butterfly motion. It’s dangerous, has zero production, and rarely leads to sustainable movement patterns.

The key to any gymnastic motion that utilizes a kip is the… drum roll please… the kip. Shocking I know. The foundation begins with the arch to hollow kip and the momentum it produces. From there, the finish is the detail if it be a TTB, CTB, Bar MU, or butterfly pullups.

Today’s video will preface a complex found in tomorrow’s premium program (Click here for access through WodFollow). It ques the athlete to build on the foundations outlined above. The kip comes first, then the recycle of the butterfly in a controlled manner, then the the execution of the full movement.

Take a look and use these ques the next time you are on a bar.