It is well known nutrition plays a huge role in fitness and health. Unfortunately, many recreational
gym goers do not have access to evidenced-based nutrition coaching and education; thus, nutrition is often a missing link to many training programs.

In a world of nutrition misinformation, it is our goal to help coaches and members sift through current diet trends and fads, ultimately helping them find a sustainable nutrition plan that is backed by science. The Power and Grace Nutrition gym challenges take a team approach to delivering accurate nutrition education to affiliate owners, coaches, and members. The challenges are lead by the coach with content provided by Power and Grace Dietitians. The challenge allows gym owners the opportunity to earn revenue while providing access to two Registered Dietitians via a private Facebook group for 6 weeks.

So what does a P&G nutrition challenge look like?

Every member gets a personalized nutrition plan with calorie, macro, hydration, and meal timing breakdowns based on their anthropometrics, training volume, and goals. We then pile in 6 weeks of mini challenges, recipes, tips, tricks and ideas on how to best meet your nutrition goals. Again, this  will all be provided via a private Facebook group created by the coach. Here, members have the opportunity to ask nutrition related questions over the 6 week period.

The challenge is not designed to be a “quick fix.” Athletes will see results in a 6 week time period while following their plan, but the goal is more for them to develop habits they can sustain long-term. Athletes earn points by completing the nutrition challenges and fitness challenges each week. The friendly competition keeps everyone accountable and motivated. Coaches are responsible for developing a fitness challenge each week (max effort burpees for points, anyone?) and obtaining weekly prizes.

Our most recent gym challenge took place in Liberal, Kansas at High Plains Crossfit. Here is what Stephanie had to say at the end of the six weeks.

“Anna and Christina provided our members with the tools and direction they needed to not only lose weight but learn how to sustain a healthy diet for the rest of their lives.  The 6 week challenge group was well run and provided applicable information that our members could easily apply to their diets.  As a busy gym owner and not a nutritionist it was great to be able to provide our members with the tools they needed to get the results they are looking for” – Owner and head coach, Stephanie Jarobe

Keep an eye out for next week’s blog on athlete testimonials. You will be amazed by what someone can accomplish in just 6 short weeks!

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