Most of you by now have become VERY aware for the debate between Bob Takano and the Weightlifting world VS Diane Fu/K-Starr.  Coach Takano posted a 6 part series on his blog detailing his back and forth conversation with Diane on where the knees should track in the squat.  This article is PHENOMENAL.  I don’t care who you agree or disagree with.  The information potentially gained from this article is well worth the read.  Coach Takano takes the stance of knee over toes and not outside the toe/ankle.  Obviously Diane and K-Starr have championed the “knees out” view.  Check this article out BUT when you are done come back to this blog and read below.
Knees Out Discussion
There is, on the other hand, a discussion happening amongst some Chinese coaches about squatting with knees in.  Obviously they are not indicating a squat where knees are pushed severely in and stay severely in.  Nor are the advocating a squat that anyone squat with “valgus knee.”  However, this is a position I have not considered before.  One I will certainly read more about and potentially try.  The bottomline from this coach is the idea that “an active push isn’t the same as a knee collapse.”
Here is the facebook where the translation is posted.  Scroll down to August 1st to find it.
Here is the youtube video in Chinese.