For 14 years I have trained and fought to try and make an international team and really haven’t been all that close. In September I was in Green Bay, Wisconsin for a training camp and ran into Connor Felstead. At that time he was a high school senior who really liked Crossfit. Then he clean and jerked 295 at 71kg bodyweight.
I had a conversation with him that camp asking him to pursue weightlifting with me. He agreed. In October he competed in his first meet and qualified for the American Open. In December he competed in the American Open and finished 8th. In January he competed in Junior Nationals and placed 1st. Yesterday he competed in the Junior Pan-Am Championships. A feat I haven’t accomplished in 14 years and he accomplished in less than a year. He has racked up a National Championship and international team competition in less than a year of work. Unreal!
He definitely has me looking over my shoulder. Here’s to hoping he passes me soon.
Below are his made lifts. He finished with a 111 Snatch like butter and a gritty 138 CJ.
106 Snatchn

111 Snatchn
138 CJn