“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”
~ 1 Corinthians 10:31
One of the hardest parts of being Christlike is maintaining any sort of Christ likeness amidst a culture that is constantly attacking your faith. It’s no secret that evil Is everywhere but the problem with the evil in our culture is that it is deceptive, tricky, and often very well hidden. Our culture thrives and lives off Idolatry and sin. The problem in the United States is that this idolatry and sin is normal, practiced, and often encouraged. If you were to step into many third world countries or many anti-Christian nations you would find that being a Christian requires an outlook and practices that are starkly different and often unpopular from the rest of the country. In the United States it’s easy to be both Christian and consistently partaking in sin.
I know this struggle too well but often find myself basking in the American reality of Christianity mixed with hedonistic pleasure. This is particularly hard inside of a CrossFit culture where vanity, misunderstood identity, and an overall hedonistic lifestyle is heralded and often times called community. Believers inside this culture know this struggle too well. It’s unbelievably hard to hold fast to our faith while consistently trying to fend off the attack of the sin that we are so constantly surrounded by.
In Matthew 24, Jesus tells us that any believer who remains faithful will find himself amidst persecution. Furthermore, Paul reminds us in Romans 7 of the struggle to do what we know is right and glorify Christ in that action but also finding ourselves succumbing to what we know is evil. The Bible is full of men who by all biblical standards would have been disqualified for standing as an ambassador for Christ. Specifically within the CrossFit community the attacks and temptation run rampant. This is the beauty of Christ’s sufficiency to cover our sin and empower us to make much of Him despite our shortcomings.
This is why Becky Conzelman, Josh Elmore, Jeff Schlenz and many other believers and decided to do something to help give believers a fighting chance inside a community bent on sin. This coming November I am happy to announce that Faith Rx’d is finally putting on its first retreat/camp. We have been working toward this day for many months putting out a Athletes Bible along the way and chiseling down ideas and visions we have for the future of this ministry. In November, our first camp will be hosted at CrossFit Central by Jeremy Teal in Austin, Texas. I have put the registration link below. On that registration link you’ll find the description as well as a schedule for the weekend. This camp is not your ordinary CrossFit camp. In fact the physical training side of this camp will certainly take backseat to the spiritual training side. I’m excited to help lead this inaugural camp but honestly I’m more excited to learn from the men and women who are working alongside me. If any of the struggles I mentioned above resonate with you then this is a camp I would highly recommend for you. This camp is designed to give believers inside the Crossfit community a foundation to build their ministry within their gyms. Our prayer is that you would leave this camp not only excited to return your CrossFit box focused on Christ but would be given tools and a roadmap for leveraging your position inside of CrossFit for the glory of God and the good of his Church. Check the link out below if you are interested if you have any questions please feel free to email me or comment on this blog. I could not be more excited about any camp I’ve been a part of to date. This is one that I believe will give some of the more practical, applicable Information of any CrossFit or Christian camp I have attended in my lifetime.

Faith Rx’d “Iron Sharpens Iron” Registration