Chuck Taylor All-Star Hi - Black mono
Back in 9th grade, when I first started lifting, I lifted in a sweet pair of black on black Chuck’s.  I remember competing in my first competition and immediately going to the shoe store that night to buy a pair of Chuck’s.  I bought them because my coach told me they would make me a better lifter.  I was in!  Not soon thereafter I found that Adidas made a weightlifting shoe.  The beautiful and treasured silver Adistar.  I loved those shoes.  I loved them so much that I kept them in their box for the whole first year that I owned them.
(the originals…yep still have them as a memento)
Eventually they wore out.  (8 years later)  I was literally depressed when I had to retire them.  They were like my partners in crime.  They had been there since the beginning and had seen victory and defeat.  What’s worse, their last competition was 2012 Nationals where I bombed on the CJ.  However, I saw Hilary Katzenmeier at the 2012 Olympic Trials dawning the new red Adipower shoes.  They were sweet.  I bought them and have loved them ever since.
Basically they have a wide sole and their heel is made of a composite plastic of some sort.  I’m betting mankind has figured out how to make a material that is lighter than wood and also harder.  That material is probably in my shoes.
All that to say I flipping love my Adidas and all I have ever know is the Adidas weightlifting shoe.  I 100% endorse them and tell everyone I know to get Adidas only.  Not because I dislike  Nike but merely because Adidas has NEVER led me astray.
I want to hear what you think of your shoes.  What shoes do you have and do you think they are better than the Adidas shoes?  (You’re wrong but I’ll listen to your opinion).
We all know weightlifting shoes are a necessity.  Without them it’s like squatting how the dude below is squatting.  Soft-soled and off balanced.
But which shoe is the best?  Pendlay’s?  Adidas?  Nike?  Which one and why?  Personally I think you can’t go wrong with one of the three mentioned but if you want the best… pick Adidas.