I had planned on writing a pretty extensive article on the necessity for technical proficiency over “doing it the way it feels best” but thanks to my seminary professors this week has been one in which my mind has not been able to fully devote itself to the blog. After a night-long study session and a test on angels, demons, and spiritism, the truth is I just want to lay down and not wake up for 24 hours. However I did catch myself reading a pretty sweet article today from one of our outlaw athletes Nicole Capurso. She recently did a competition with some of her fellow coaches from the gym but this article has little to do with her and a lot to do with her clients.
She makes a great point that even though she was competing what she found most joyful and fulfilling for the weekend was watching her clients that she coaches on a regular basis step out of their comfort zone and compete. I can remember this happening for me as I have coached multiple athletes in weightlifting competitions where at the same time I’ve had to compete. While it is always fun and fulfilling to compete personally, there is nothing more enjoyable than watching your own clients who you have invested so much in do things that they never thought possible. I’m remember watching it happen at the State Meet and multiple times at the American Open.
This truly is the joy of being a coach. Any good coach knows this perspective. Take a look at the article.
Often, It’s More Than Just Exercise