The majority of the time this blog is an opportunity for me to focus on the community around me specifically weightlifters and Cross itters. Every now and then I will post something that is specifically near and dear to my heart or specific to my life. Today’s post is one of those posts. Last night Megan and I revealed to our friends and last Thursday we had previously revealed to our family that we are having a baby girl.
Somebody may call this really terrible theology but based on 1 Thessalonians I believe that God gives us struggles and circumstances and gifts specifically to sanctify us. This little girl I believe is one of God’s gifts meant for that reason. It’s no secret to those around me that I secretly desired a little boy and the video here is a good look into my surprise when I found out it was a girl. I honestly was 85% confident we were having a boy.
As a coach and a older brother I look back on my life and the decisions that I made and the idea of raising a little girl scares me to death. Everyone who knows me has already reminded me that our little girl will have me wrapped around her finger. I have no doubt this will be true. However, the road ahead for me raising a little girl will likely involve a much greater amount of compassion, kindness, and affirmation than I’m used to.
I honestly have no idea what the next months, years, and decades will hold for Megan and I. We both have been given this little girl by the Lord and we pray He equips us well for raising her in a Gospel-centered home.
After the first couple days of shock wore off I can honestly say I have been excited for very few things more than this. Can’t wait to hold this little girl in my arms and Lord willing be wrapped around her finger for every phase after that. Thank you for allowing me for one day to verbalize a little of what’s going on in our household. I can almost guarantee you that over the next months and years this little girl will have a huge impact on the words written on this blog.