Blog: Why No Hook No Feet?

The no hook no feet snatch and clean are excellent accessory exercises for the Olympic lifts. If you are following P&G weightlifting you will notice them in your programming, and at first they may feel a little strange. The reason we program these exercises is to help you stay connected in your turnover, keep from jumping forward or back, and practice speed and timing.

The no hook portion of the lift helps you stay more connected and engaged in the turnover while strengthening your grip. Because your grip on the bar isn’t as solid, the weights on these movements shouldn’t be as heavy as your regular lifts. Not moving your feet ensures no forward/backward jumping and teaches you to catch the bar straight overhead. Additionally, eliminating foot movement allows you to focus on other parts of the lift more exclusively while allowing you to increase your speed under the bar.

Tips for no hook no feet movements:

1. Pull the bar from your ideal receiving position. This will be wider than usual.
2. Remember to extend fully onto your toes! Even though your feet shouldn’t move out your heels can still come off the ground.
3. Try wrapping your thumb outside of your fingers for a little extra stability.
4. Don’t worry about the weight on the bar! These lifts are used as accessory exercises to the snatch and clean and jerk and aren’t meant to be maxed out.