Day 3 of camp complete. Currently Rudy, Winchester, and myself are riding to Austin on our 3 city weeklong tour.
Great overall camp at NOLA 504. Certainly one of the more apt groups in the gymnastics realm that we have worked with. Specifically the guys very quickly picked up the hollow body/arch work. Once they were able to grasp the understanding of tension throughout the kip you could literally see the light bulbs come on. One of the things we talked about briefly was the necessity for having the thumb UNDER the bar and around your hand when doing pull-ups. I mentioned how this position puts your shoulder in a better loading position for the torque on the shoulder during a pull-up. Here’s a great article on this idea.
On a completely unrelated topic. I decided to jump in on the conditioning piece today for fun. It sorta felt like what would happen if a shark decided to run a marathon wearing clown shoes. Nothing quite felt right afterwards…