Today at the MDUSA camp we had the time to cover some of the biomechanics of weightlifters and the differences between lifters with longer leg lengths versus lifters with longer torso lengths, etc.
One of the major points we covered was the best proportions for lifters bodyweight as compared to height. I showed the numbers below and talked about the significance of long levers at a light bodyweight and how much harder it makes the standup in squats and how important strength gain is for lifters outside of these parameters.
5’1-5’3 – 56-62kg
5’3-5’6 – 69kg
5’6-5’8 – 77kg
5’8-5’10- 85kg
5’10-6′ – 94kg
6′ – ? – 105/105+

4’10-5’1 – 48-53kg
5’2-5’3 – 58 kg
5’3-5’4 – 63kg
5’4-5’5- 69kg
5’6-5’8 – 75kg
5’9 – ? – 75+

The question that was asked was about how this translated to Crossfitters. The coach who asked me this question wanted to know if, for the purpose of Crossfit, there were any charts detailing the optimal body fat percentage for athletes with specific bodyweights. For instance, does a 58kg girl need to have a lower body fat percentage as compared to a athlete with a 75kg body weight? Especially for the sport of Crossfit.
We all know there is a specific height/weight ratio that is optimal in the Crossfit Games. (Think Rich and Annie) However the idea that a certain bodyweight demands a certain body fat percentage is new. While I clearly have not had the time to research this thought I am inclined to think that bigger lifters can get away with a higher body fat percentage because that is supported by their skeletal/muscular system AND they do not have the necessity for the use of all their body mass to create greater force than smaller girls.
I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this as this is a new idea for me and one I plan to explore and research extensively.