I wanted to take a second tonight to remind yall of a well-known but often forgotten fact.  Nobody gets good at any skill quickly or easily.  It’s Master’s week in Augusta and as I watched the highlights tonight I couldn’t help but be flabbergasted at some of the standard shots and putts the pros pulled off.  I love golf.  I love the course.  I love the experience.  However, my handicap more often than not has 3 digits.  Why is that?  I mean I love the game, I watch it all the time, and I admire the best in the sport.  However, I don’t play it everyday and I certainly don’t know or focus the technical aspects.  The reality is that I will never be anything like Rory or Tiger or Sergio until I have spent years and years of daily work on the range and on the course focused on technical particularities of my swing.
For some reason many new lifters don’t seem to understand that this same truth correlates to weightlifting.  Every day I talk to or hear about a new lifter who wants to “master” or “perfect” the lifts in a 12 week cycle that meets 2x a week.  If I played golf for one hour twice a week even with a personal coach there is still no way I get my score to a competitive number.  The same is true of weightlifting.  I hate to be the bearer of common sense.  Mastering the sport of weightlifting TAKES YEARS and persistent regular work with strict adherence to technical perfection.
Persistence pays off but you’re kidding yourself if you think that mastering the lifts can come fast or easy.  Even with the best coaches in the world training you, time and effort are the key to the lifts.  Be patient.  Work hard.  Pay attention to your technique.
I just wanted to remind those of you with delusions of grandeur.  Mastering the sport takes persistence and time.  Miracles don’t happen in this sport.