I wanted to give a huge shout out to our beginners Olympic lifting class at CF Deep Ellum. While the class’ finale and final max out is on Saturday they have been extremely impressive throughout the 12 week cycle. I can’t say enough about the determination and focus of this class. We started from scratch with a PVC pipe in week one and 12 weeks later we put 30%, 40% and 50% more on the squats. Also, compared to what we looked like the first day compared to now is miraculous . We’ve seen some huge PR’s this week already and I am sure I will hear of more from Saturday as we max the clean and jerk.
Furthermore, I think some of the most impressive aspects of this Olympic lifting class is there coachability. Literally the first pull was a foreign concept to them when they entered the class and now it is a natural part of their lifting. It makes me proud to see them set up on the bar, get their back set, and before they lift off I see them shift their weight forward into the front of the foot! They are classic examples of perfect practice making perfect. Any group of students who can bear with me for 12 weeks, hangout with a PVC pipe for three weeks, and resist the urge to push the weight past their technical ability is going to come out on the other side much more efficient.
I can’t wait to see what 12 weeks in advance lifting will do for their lifts and no blogpost can represents how proud of them I am. Great work!