Done!  Day 3 complete and the first ever Texas Outlaw Olympic Lifting Seminar is in the books.  As a coaching staff we learned a ton from these athletes and feel like we put on one of the better seminars available.  I was amazed today at how much information these athletes were retaining and how much their cleans look better.
We spent the day working the clean and jerk.  Due to the fact that we spent all day yesterday on the snatch most everybody picked up the clean relatively quickly.
Here are a couple cleans that impressed me today.  The improvement was phenomenal
Ingrid Kantola Finally Gets It Right!
Beautiful Clean from Above Knee
The jerk took a little work this afternoon.  The attendees, though athletic, seemed to struggle with the finesse side of the jerk.  Most athletes sent their back foot too far behind them.  This turned their pelvis forward and sent the bar out front as a result.  A couple pushed themselves away from the bar granting the same results.  They were aggressive but so aggressive that they were not in control of their feet and their body.  Here’s a couple videos of some better jerks and an analysis of two jerks.  In both jerks you can see that when the bar gets overhead the back knee is a little behind the hip.  This tilted the pelvis (as shown) and forced the lifter to compensate by hyper-extending their back.
Jeff Germond Split Jerk
Jeff Germond Split Jerk Analysis
Natalie Mclain Split Jerk Analysis
Overall this seminar was a HUGE success.  The staff and athletes walked away having had a great experience and we are extremely happy to have had everyone at the camp and consider ourselves privileged to have worked with each of them.  We are looking forward to doing more in the future and hopefully taking this seminar to other boxes around the country.