Green Bay camp complete. I have to say I feel like we are really beginning to get higher-level coaches and affiliate owners to attend these camps. In the last tour each location was filled with mostly athletes and as I said before this tour seems to be mostly coaches. This makes a big difference in how the content is received and the overall attitude towards the camp. Last year I felt like the folks who attended the camp dates were more excited about completing workouts in front of the camp staff and against the Games athletes than they were actually picking up new information.
This year is completely different and I have to say it certainly makes my job more fun. I love teaching and leading folks who are less concerned with having the ability to snatch 300 pounds and more concerned with what it takes mechanically to snatch 300 pounds. It allows us as a coaching staff to elevate the level of what we are teaching as the folks attending are more interested in higher education rather than beating their peers in a snatch off.
Green Bay was chock-full of these types of coaches. As a matter of fact, five of the attending coaches were college strength and conditioning coaches looking to gain information that they could put to work inside their college programs. That means the folks attending had degrees in physical education or kinesiology or exercise physiology. That makes their attendance at our camp an extreme compliment to myself and the rest of the Outlaw staff.
As I said before with each camp and each consistent week with the same staff, the quality gets better and better. I’m excited for what the rest of these camps will hold but after Green Bay it will be very hard for any camp to exceed the level of education and desire for higher education. Thank you CrossFit Green Bay and all of those who were in attendance. Hang this one up as one of the best camps we have ever done.
Oh and we got to hang out with Ahman Green. No big deal.