Yesterday on Thanksgiving Day we decided to get some morning training in. I don’t know if it was the morning training or the 4 days straight mid weight cut but I had a pretty terrible training session. It was likely a combination of both factors.
Luckily I had a gym full of supportive, encouraging training partners to make the session beneficial. Furthermore, I have a great eyes on coach in Richard Flemming to correct some of the errors that were abundant in the training session. Most of all, everyone else was having a good training session and watching them improve and excel motivated me.
Environment and coaching is one of the more critical pieces to success that cannot be stressed enough. If you train alone and are self-coached, do yourself a favor and find somewhere you can train even if it’s just once a week where you’ll gain external motivation and a different set of eyes. It will likely make a huge difference.
Spoon Barbell Thanksgiving Day Training