Woke up to sub 30 degree weather in Dallas (windchill included), snow in the air, and the challenge of a new program in my face.  Two things to note:
1- I ABSOLUTELY HATE cold weather.  Anything winter-esque seriously makes my angry and cranky all day.  I don’t mind a cool fall morning that warms to mid-50’s but sub-30’s with a high of 40.  I’m angry.
2- CF Deep is not climate-controlled and the temperature in the gym tends to mimic the temperature outside of the gym and sometimes to sweeten the deal, it’s colder in the gym than outside.  I do not train well in cold weather.  It takes the entire workout for my body to warmup.  In fact, I did not break a sweat during either of my  workouts today until my last set or two of work.  That’s 1.5 hours of working out BEFORE I got warm.
Needless to say, today’s workout wasn’t my best nor was it one I will look back on as a confidence builder.  However that is how weightlifting goes. In training there are always troughs and valleys.  Down days and up days.  The key is that I’m training.  As long as I’m training I know there will be a steady incline… despite the valleys.
Here’s a video of my final set of snatches today.  100k…adding some fun in just because I was finally warm.
PS- it’s supposed to be 23 degrees in the morning… perfect.