So late night tonight.  I have been wanting to post these two pictures and never found a good reason to throw them up on the blog.  Tonight there’s a good reason.  I’m exhausted…
This picture ran across my newsfeed this week.  Two of the coolest cats I know and also two people who know Crossfit really well.   Michael and Ingrid showed up in this “Crossfit Couple” picture (i know cheesy) and I thought it was cool enough to share.  Ingrid (mark my words) will be a household Crossfitter name soon and Michael is by far one of the smartest dudes out there.  He knows Crossfit and programming probably too well… Like I think it probably keeps him up at night.  Cool picture.  Oh and if you’re interested in reading some of Michael’s genius or seeing more about who Ingrid is check the links.
(Photo taken by Brian Sullivan)

The second picture has a little bit of a story behind it.  This is the owner of Crossfit Ireland.  Colm, has been known to have his “run-ins” with the bar.  Most famous is his attempt at some cleans from high boxes.  However in this picture he decided to hit his chin from the other direction.  This is the result of Colm brining a bar down from overhead and catching himself in the chin on the way down.  Crazy Irish… In case you’re wondering that’s not the most stable position for his back.