A couple days ago someone asked me for my top websites for resources on Olympic Weightlifting. I confessed that unfortunately there are not many that I would refer to on a regular basis for good, non-biased, non-forum information. However I do have some that I believe are worth bookmarking. I have included those websites below for your reference with a reason to why I like them.
Top 5:
5: USAW: Simply because they post results AND every Wednesday they post a different blog from someone else
4: Waxman’s Gym: Good blog topics
3: Takano Athletics: Great blogs as well as a ton of easily download resources
2: Breaking Muscle: Awesome blogs (recently this one from Ursula) and stellar programming
1: Catalyst: The one-stop shop for blogs, demo videos, programming, and resources.
Lastly, I wanted to end with two awesome PRs today from Cass Poff in KY.  Snatching like a pro, celebrating like a 12 year old girl.  Oh and a CJ PR to top it off.
135# Snatch @ 128# BW
175# CJ @ 128# BW