The writing is on the wall:


Dave Castro has been doing more and more interviews lately, opening up about his programming approach and he’s dropping hints all over the place. Of interest to me is his Reebok interview discussing the 2017 Regionals format.


There, Dave basically says he doesn’t listen to the gripe over no barbells at regionals. “There’s always going to be negativity toward things we do in the sport; that’s just because people have so much passion for CrossFit…”


Dave has also indicated he may be moving away from barbells telling Reebok: “Dumbbells are underused in the [CrossFit] community…” This was exemplified in the Open season with 17.1 and 17.2 featuring dumbells. (Sending Affiliates scrambling to buy all the 50lb & 35lb dumbells in the city for two straight weeks.)


Some skeptics may call this a marketing conspiracy (predicting Academy Sports to be the next major sponsor of the Games), but this coach believes it’s an attempt to bring CrossFit back to its true roots: functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity. The core CrossFit movements go back to our primal movements, picking up heavy things, climbing ropes and running. We’re in a season of returning to the basics.


Returning to the basics means a return to boring cardio. Whether you like it or not, running and biking are coming back; and they’re going to raise more gripe than a Regionals without barbells.. You can pick one of two routes: wait and complain with everyone else or get back to the basics and beat the field to the punch.


This Endurance coach is quietly waiting in anticipation of the games workouts that has so much swimming, biking and running that Rogue makes a triathlon suit…