Our goal with this program is to introduce college athletes to Olympic Weightlifting by sponsoring them for 6 months as they learn to train and compete. Power and Grace is one of the largest and most competitive weightlifting teams in the US and internationally. Our system has developed multiple athletes from college and high school athletics to represent Team USA.

Our programs are evidence based and written with every variable tailored to the athlete’s needs. More importantly our coaches review videos and communicate with athletes each session to make sure training goals are clear. 

Olympic weightlifting is a challenging sport requiring consistency and attention to detail – this is why we wanted to reach out specifically to college athletes who understand the dedication and work required to succeed in sport. We are a team of athletes who understand how sport becomes a part of us, and while athletes may be graduating and moving on from their college athletic careers, they do not have to move on from competition. We hope to create an avenue for athletes to continue exploring their athletic potential on a team who has the capacity to support them in a new direction.


Scholarship Application

We have a maximum of 3 available scholarships for 2024. If you are interested please submit the form below so that we can set up an interview. We are looking forward to meeting you! Please direct any questions that you have to jessie@powerandgraceperformance.com

If you know them please list your best lifts in back squat, deadlift, front squat, clean, snatch, and jerk (specify pounds or kilos)