From personalized macro breakdowns, recipe ideas, meal planning strategies and constant accountability from Registered Dietitians, gym members who take part in a Power and Grace Nutrition Gym Challenge are given every possible tool they need to succeed in their journey! Whether weight loss, body composition or performance is the end goal, members learn how to achieve it with a sustainable plan that will carry them through–and beyond–the 6 week commitment. These Gym Challenges have allowed us to reach over 250 athletes in 2017, and that number is only increasing! With personalized nutrition guides and lots of team motivation, we have witnessed some pretty incredible transformations!

At the end of the 6th week, we send out a survey for each athlete  to provide feedback. Here is a small sample of what we have received so far:

“I lost a total of 6 pounds over the challenge. But more important to me than the physical changes I have more energy, know how to fuel my body, and I am getting better at having an overall healthy lifestyle.”

“Lost 13 lbs since we started. I lost 5 in the first week and then sort of plateaued, however I have been watching my measurements drop. My clothes fit better and I feel much stronger in the gym. I want to demand my money back because it worked too well and I have to buy new clothes for the summer :)”

“The macro plan and My Fitness pal app really kept me on track. I’ve lost ~8 pounds and can finally see a path toward success. I plan to keep tracking until I’ve reached my overall goal. Thank you”

“It was awesome. The macro breakdown with what time of day to eat, was worth way more than the price of admission 😀 I didn’t do everything perfect, but I think I got enough of it right to get results.”

“I was really excited to learn how to fuel my body correctly and how I should be eating throughout the day. It was interesting to see the changes in the short amount of time. Not only physically but I felt better and had more energy. The chart was great because I was able to hold myself accountable. I’m going to make one for each month! I now know how to change my lifestyle to be healthier overall, even with a few cheat days every once and awhile.”

“The experience was great!! We were lucky to have gotten to work with two amazing people! I want to thank you guys for the accountability and the awesome attitude you guys brought to the group! Thank you!”

“Anna and Christina provided our members with the tools and direction they needed to not only lose weight but learn how to sustain a healthy diet for the rest of their lives.  The 6 week challenge group was well run and provided applicable information that our members could easily apply to their diets.  As a busy gym owner and not a nutritionist it was great to be able to provide our members with the tools they needed to get the results they are looking for.”

(Ane one last one because we LOVE carbs…)

“I did get some PRs while on the performance plan! Also I have upped my carbs.”

And finally, we wanted to share this rockstar experience:

This (anonymous) participant was able to shed over 16 pounds and won her first powerlifting meet at the end of the challenge! Check out her before and after shots.

Final thoughts from the Power and Grace Nutrition Team:

Christina: “My favorite part of the gym challenges is when an athlete totally shocks themselves by succeeding when they were sure it was never going to work. Who doesn’t love watching someone crush something they never thought possible?”

Anna: “I love seeing athletes share recipes, tips, and motivation with one another in the private Facebook group. The gym challenges allow gym members to learn from each other. The members feed off of each other’s successes, which helps hold them accountable toward their goals.”

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