By Power and Grace Nutrition

Does it seem like every time you open your Facebook feed or scroll through Instagram something you are eating is now the leading cause of disease and weight gain? Are you scrounging the health food store weekly for the new best superfood to improve your performance, build muscle and increase your energy? Well we have good news!

First, you are not alone in your confusion, and second, eating for performance is not nearly as complicated as it appears to be. Melissa Dobbins, MS, RDN said it best when she wrote, “Unfortunately, the loudest voices aren’t always the most credible.” We see celebrities everywhere endorsing diets that have no credibility to them. Many aspects of these diets can actually decrease performance and impair your ability to improve as an athlete. This is why several elite athletes all over the world are looking to registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) for credible sports performance interventions to optimize their performance.

We know nutrition plays an integral role in athletic performance; unfortunately that role is largely undefined in most training programs. Power and Grace Nutrition RDNs strive to help athletes make their nutrition as much of a priority as their training. We develop personalized nutrition plans based on the athlete’s training schedule, body composition and their personal goals. We do not follow any fad diet plans or restrictive eating theories. We follow the most current science based recommendations.

Our nutrition plans are very detailed because we know that even a 1-2% decrease in hydration or a reduction of 1-2 g/kg of carbohydrate can impair athletic performance. Furthermore, your macronutrient needs will vary significantly from others as your genetics and training loads/cycles, and goals uniquely influence these numbers. Is proper nutrition the missing link in your training program?

For more information on athletes integrating RDNs into their training team, please refer to the article below.