Hello vast interwebs! J.J.’s Corner will be a new addition to the Power and Grace blog bringing you topics from the sports side of functional fitness and weightlifting.  This is purely an opinion piece by me, J.J.

Not CrossFit CrossFit Competitions

As the Sport of Fitness Grows, so do the “non-sanctioned” competitions such as Wodapalooza, The Granite Games, The Fittest Games, The East Coast Championships, etc.  Locally, CrossFitters can find a competition just about any weekend depending on the area.

So, the question I ask is, are these good for the sport?  You don’t see NFL players signing up for the arena league in their off season or NBA players jumping in a YMCA league (though Michael Jordan did have 44 points in a single game against some aliens).  However, I feel it is much more appropriate to compare competitive exercisers to a college basketball team.  They attend a few different tournaments and events each year, especially before their regular season.  Some of them are good.  Some aren’t so good.

This year I attended two of the “major” non-sanctioned events.  I was at Wodapalooza as a coach, spectator, and where Power and Grace hosted the first ever Weightlifting Face-Off.  I was also at The Fittest Games as a competitor.  I’ve also been to all levels of CrossFit’s own competitions.   

First of all, Wodapalooza gives CrossFit a run for its money in terms of entertainment value, structure, and overall feel that I hope Madison will live up to.  The Fittest Games was a great time, but still has that local throwdown vibe, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The point is each one has its’ own feel.

Are they good or bad and should you do them?  (Answer the question already!)

The answer is, I think overall they are great.  For the sport, they bring the high levels of competition to fans who may not have a regional in their area or who can’t make it to the Games.  As for athletes, I think competing in these is a no brainer.  It’s great practice if you are a regional or games level athlete that is hard to come by elsewhere.  If you’re not, most of these competitions offer a variety of division and give you a chance to get a big crowd feel while competing with athletes on your own level.

Are there bad competitions? Yes. Here’s how to deal with them.  Don’t go.  Much like CrossFit’s libertarian stance on its affiliate, the cream will rise to the top and the rest will fade away.  There is no such thing as competition with perfect judges.  It’s part of our sports.  They are volunteers are not out to get you.  There are competitions that do a better job of training it’s volunteers than others.

So, find one or two every year that you really enjoy and get after it!  Nothing fuels training like a circled date on the calendar.

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