The first “real day” of the 2017 CrossFit Games is in the books.  Our competitors completed 3 workouts in the Games new home of Madison, Wisconsin.  Here’s some thoughts as we head into day two.

Day One Dazzles

Historically day one can be a bit of a snooze compared to the other days as athletes complete endurance type, offsite events.  I’ll admit that looking at the first two events, Run, Swim Run, and Cyclocross, I was expecting the same.  Madison shined (actually it was raining on and off which I think added an interesting climate obstacle).

Courtesy CrossFit Games

Event 1 had the perfect distances for intensity and drama, especially on the Women’s side with Power and Grace Performance athlete Kristi Eramo battling it out stride for stride with Tia-Claire Toomey the entire last mile and a half of the race.

I thought Cyclocross was going to be a disaster waiting to happen with 20 bikes making hairpin turns at the same time.  I was wrong.  I’m simply blown away at how fast the athletes picked up this sport. Oh, and of course Amanda .45 is fun to watch.

Mix Up Of Divisions 

One of the biggest changes with the move to Madison is the ability to run all divisions at the same time.  Basically we have constant action from morning to night.  This is such a great move.  I’m guilty of overlooking some of these divisions when they were earlier in the week but now by just keeping the stream on I’m watching (and enjoying) much more.

Touch & Go

  • It’s not moving day yet (which I think is Saturday) but the leaderboards will still be shuffling quite a bit from event to event
  • The Obstacle Course, don’t blink.  This is going to make for some great viewing as athletes will be separated by mere seconds.
  • Power and Grace Athletes had a great day one with Kristi Eramo position herself in 4th overall after three event and Logan Collins making a huge leap up the leaderboard after a great performance in the third event.
  • Keep an eye on Jamie Greene.  I’ve followed her closely over the last couple of years.  She won the Open 2 years ago and went team.  She’s now making her rookie presence known, sitting in third after day one.
  • Josh Bridges?  I’ve got nothing. No news as come out of the Bridges camp thus far but something is up.  The CrossFit legend currently finds himself in the 32nd spot.