9 years ago when I started down the road programming for Weightlifters and Crossfitters I always assumed it would be a fun hobby to keep me distracted from real life.  Over time, that hobby has become full-time (which I love).  However, as both sports have grown so has the complexity.  When Power and Grace Performance was created 3 years ago it was a simple operation. Now it is anything but that and it takes a team to make the pieces fit, the wheels turn, or any of those cheesy analogies. That team has worked tirelessly over the past 3 months to take Power and Grace to a level I could never have taken it on my own. These men (and woman) are the heart and soul of all we do.  Listed below are some new things we are doing and is a direct result of their work.  The quality, precision, and excellence that always us to faithfully serve our athletes can only be attributed to our team.  Below you will see some new updates coming your way, largely in part because of these folks.  Check it out.

Hopefully by now, you’ve noticed we have re-vamped the website a bit. However, we are launching a couple more things starting Monday all worth noting.

  1. Starting Monday all of our programming (Competition, Weightlifting, Movement) will be available on WODFollow.Com.  What this means for you is a couple of things.  The free programming available on the website will also be available on WODFollow for you to subscribe to.  That subscription allows you the chance to track your workouts and results.  Also, subscribers have access to participate in the community comment boards and compare results to each other for the day.  The free programming will change a bit however omitting some of the work in an effort increase time optimization and allow for completion by all skill levels.
  2. Secondly, for those of you looking for a bit more take a look at the Premium Programming Options for Competition Programming or Weightlifting Programming.  Advanced skill development for Crossfit gymnastic movement or specific percentage listings for the Olympic lifts programmed or higher level categories of movement included in conditioning pieces or auxiliary warmup and weakness work for the Olympic Lifts are all included in the Premium Program.  Premium programming also includes access to participate in community comment boards and results comparisons.
  3. In addition to the free and premium programming, the Movement programming is also moving to Wodfollow for delivery and tracking. We pride ourselves in developing and assisting some of the best movers in the game. This accessory program is an easy addition through the new Wodfollow portal.   Movement Programming
  4. Lastly, we are finally introducing our Nutrition Programming. There are a couple reasons we have been cautious and slow to jump on the Nutrition bandwagon.  Firstly, high level nutrition programming isn’t something one is qualified for by reading a book, operating a macronutrient calculator, or experimenting.  We wanted to find someone to handle our nutrition programming with qualification that extends beyond a six pack and athletic accolades.  This why we recruited and landed Abbe Lechtenberger.  Abbe has a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and a Master of Science in Industrial Hygiene.  With Abbe, Power and Grace is now offering a 4-tiered Nutrition Program each with increasing amounts of involvement and contact to Abbe.  Exercise is just a piece of your results.  Sleep/Recovery and Nutrition make up the rest.  If you think your fueling is your missing link, check out Nutrition programming rolling out in the next week or so.