November 22, 2017: Competition

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Complete in Order Strength: A) 12 min. to find max 3 rep Push Jerk B) BS: 5 sets building to 5rm for the day *rest no more than 3 min. b/n the start of each set Skill: A) On Rings for consistency - 8 min. EMOM - 3 MU Conditioning: For time: -30 burpees -1200m [...]

November 22, 2017: Masters

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Prep: EMOM x 10 minutes odd) 10 calorie Assault Bike even) 10 calorie Row -then- 3x5 wall squat 3x50ft duck walk (no weight) 3x10 air squat -then- 3x10 tempo OHS @ 32X1 (empty barbell) 3x6 broad jumps -then- Mobilize Strength: Snatch 10 minutes to work to a heavy complex: Snatch + 2 Hang Snatch + [...]

November 21, 2017: Masters

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Prep: 1500m row -then- 3x5 wall squat 3x10 air squat 3x5 goblet squat -then- Mobilize -then- 3 sets -3 Hollow/arch kips -3 Pullups -3 Kips -3 TTB -3 CTB -3 kips -3 Bar MU *try to make each kip the same *try and stay on bar Strength: None Conditioning: 12x 500m Row (Rest 90" between [...]

November 21, 2017: Competition

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Complete in Order Strength: A) Every 90 sec. for 8 sets - Full clean + FS from 2" blocks B) 10 min. EMOM - 3 Touch n' go Deadlifts building *4 burpee box overs after each set Skill: A) 4 sets -25 ft.HS walk + max freestanding hold Conditioning: 5 rounds for time -1 round [...]

November 20, 2017: Competition

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Complete in Order Strength: A) 10 min. EMOM - Snatch pull to explode + Hang snatch (below the knee) - building as able B) 10 min. to find 3rm OHS Skill: A) 5 sets -2 strict TTB + 2 Bar MU + 2 kip TTB Conditioning: 8 min. climb the ladder -8 cal row -2 [...]

November 20, 2017: Masters

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Prep: 6 minute Assault Bike -then- 3x10 double KB z-press 3x10 inverted row (feet on floor) -then- 3x12 single-arm DB press (6/arm) 3x8 strict pull up -then- Mobilize Strength: Jerk Work 10 minutes to work to a heavy single -then- 5x2 @ 80% of heavy single (Rest 2 minutes between sets) Conditioning: For time: 11 [...]

November 19, 2017: Competition

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Rest Day

November 19, 2017: Masters — Rest Day

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Rest Day Starting tomorrow (Monday November 20) we will be going back to a 3-on, 2 off, 2 on, 1 off schedule in order to prep for the Open week's schedule. So Thursday and Sunday will again be rest days each week. For personalized masters programming from Duke Burk, email

November 18, 2017: Masters

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Prep: 10 minute AAB @ 70% effort -then- 3x5 wall squat 3x10 reverse lunge (per leg) 3x10 air squat -then- 3x6 med ball clean 3x6 seated box jump -then- Mobilize Strength: None Conditioning: 21-15-9 Power Clean Front Squat Weight -- 115,75 (Rest as needed) -then- 30 minute row at consistent pace (75-80% effort) Accessory/Core: 800m [...]

November 18, 2017: Competition

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Complete in Order Strength: A) 12 min. to find max 3 rep snatch from floor *not touch and go B) 10 min. to find max Power clean + power jerk Skill: A) 2 min. tabata - face up parallel hold on GHD 2 min. tabata - face down parallel hold on ghd (sorenson hold) rest [...]